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Running Wild

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by StormyNorm, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. StormyNorm

    StormyNorm Chirping

    Apr 2, 2012
    Please do not copy this book.


    1. Family
    2. Lost
    3. Hope
    4. Wilderness
    5. Prairie
    6. Moonlight
    7. Storm
    8. Scarlotte
    9. Love
    10. Baby Foal
    11. Tears
    12. Growing Up
    13. New Horse
    14. New Family
    15. Horse Ranch​
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  2. StormyNorm

    StormyNorm Chirping

    Apr 2, 2012
    Chapter 1
    Once there was a girl the age of 3 with her mom and dad in their house.
    The girl's name was Kara.
    Kara's mom's name was Rose.
    Kara's dad's name was Karl.
    Kara asked her mom "Mom, can we get a pet?"
    Kara's mom said "What kind of pet?"
    Kara said "Well, can we get a puppy?
    Her mom said "I'll think about it."
    So she thought about it the whole day and said,
    "Kara I think that you are old enough to have a puppy, so yes we can get one.
    Kara shouted happily and ran over to her friends' house and said,
    "Taylin, Taylin! Guess what!"
    Taylin said "Huh?"
    "I am getting a new puppy!"
    Taylin smilled "Lucky,"
    Taylin frowned for a second and remembered her old puppy, Sater
    Satern was a black and white Poodle that she got when she was 4 and now she was 12.
    Satern died when Taylin was 10.
    Taylin missed Satern, Satern was her first puppy, Taylin has been begging her mother for a new puppy sense she was 11.
    Kara asked "What's wrong?"
    Taylin said "Satern."
    Kara asked "Who's Satern?"
    Taylin said "My old dog, I got her when I was 4 and she died when I was 10, she was a black and white Poodle, I want a new puppy so bad, I have been begging my mom for a new one sense I was 11, but she always says 'no'.
    Kara frowned, she didn't want to see her friend so glum, so she said,
    "How about if when I get my puppy you can come over and see her every day and maybe sometimes she can come over to your house."
    Taylin said "Really?, Would you really do that for me?"
    Kara said "Yea, but my mom is calling me right now to go get the new puppy, bye!"
    Taylin shouted back "Bye!", then she closed the door.

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  4. StormyNorm

    StormyNorm Chirping

    Apr 2, 2012
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  6. StormyNorm

    StormyNorm Chirping

    Apr 2, 2012
    Chapter 2
    Kara ran to the car and hopped in.
    Rose said "What kind of puppy would you like Kara?"
    Kara said "A fluffy one."
    Rose said "So like a Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier?"
    Kara said "Yes."
    Kara shut her door but it didn't close all the way, but she didn't know that.
    She forgot to put her seat belt on and they started driving.
    They didn't talk the whole way there.
    But in the middle of getting there Kara's door opened when she was sleeping and she fell out.
    Rose did not hear Kara fall out but the door gently closed.
    Kara opened her eyes and she was in grass 20 miles away from her house.
    She was scared.
    She didn't know where to go.
    It was dark, and the moonlight shined.
    She followed the road, but she was going farther away from her house.
    She was walking and stepped on glass.
    It hurt so bad but she was in the middle of no where.
    There was no buildings around, not for 10 miles.
    She went and got a leaf.
    She put it on her sore and started walking again.
    She wished she had someone with her.
    She was so scared she didn't know what to do.
    So she just followed the moonlight.
    She walked for 5 miles.
    Then 10 more.
    She found a small town, but no hospital.
    She wished she was home.
    Rose just noticed when she looked back at the back seat, Kara wasn't there.
    She was scared.
    Where did her little angel go?
    She drove back home with no sightings of Kara.
    She told the family.
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