runny eyes and/or nose?

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  1. cassiopia610

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    Aug 3, 2011

    i have an 18 week old ameracauna hen who has matted and dirty feathers on her cheeks. her eyes or nose might be runny. her nose has seemed a bit runny since we got her, six weeks ago. we are new to chicken keeping, so i don't have any experience with any of this. i took some photos of her, but since i am new here i can't post them. she frequently has a wet chin too, unlike the other hens which are different breeds.

    is it possible that she has dirty cheeks because they are puffy? should i take her to a vet? she has been this way for a couple of weeks now. the other two hens seem fine so i don't think she has something super contagious.

    thanks for any advice!

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    Sounds like an upper respiratory issue. I always recommend keeping any new chickens separate for a month so other chickens don't get exposed. She will likely need treatment to get over it. I would isolate her.
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    blah I am in a similar situation but my girl is only about 8 weeks old at most. Do you hear her sneezing? Have you tried giving her duramycin??? It is an antibiotic you can get at like tractor supply. If that does not work you may have to step it up to Tylan 50. I gave mine some last night but she is still sneezy and runny this morning. You should get some other posts on here soon.

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