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    Jan 25, 2009
    Had a Hen and One roo that begin to get very weak set in the corner kind of weak. Next day their eyes matted over and were unable to walk. Both are dead now. Don't know what it was and looked like a lost cause so I put them down. Any idea!! I want to treat the rest if I need too. These 2 came from someone else about a month ago. They were penned seperately but close to others.
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    Sorry... I don't know. Use the search here on BYC, it will come up with a list of links / posts so that you can get more information.

    For more input from other members, include information on age of chickens, etc.. have you ever wormed, when, with what? Have you tried antibiotics, what kind, given how, how much, when... -- other symptoms. Are they eating, drinking? How long from the onset of symptoms to death? Have you checked for parasites, mites? Coop conditions, have you isolated the sick birds, etc.?

    The more information you give the more accurate info and suggestions others can give you. Still, use the search here while you wait for input from other members.

    Good luck.

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