Runny noses?


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Oct 22, 2014
Comanche, Oklahoma
I purchased some chickens (3 adult birds and 21 chicks) from a private owner. Everyone was healthy, my 2 I already had were also healthy. The little white bantam hen involved in the purchase got chilled one night so I brought her inside with the younger chicks, a couple days in she was acting like herself again but "sneezing" and nostrils were runny, nothing was caked up but now the chicks she was in with all have the same symptoms. Could it just be a cold that'll pass or ? The hen seems to be doing a good bit better and is back out in the coop. Just wasn't sure if I need antibiotics or if it just needs to run its course. The chicks are quarantined from the other chicks, hens and roo.

They were all quarantined. I went to the feed store for antibiotics today, they had just sold the last pack so I'm ordering some tonight. I did find out whatever this illness is, it's air borne. A lot of flocks have caught this around here. The feed store has sold 10 packs of poultry antibiotics this week alone.

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