RUnny swollen eyes on Spanich Black Poult...maybe other is catching?


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Feb 22, 2008
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I am new to Turkeys... today this little guy had runny eyes and swollen under the eyes. The right side is much worse and when I just went to medicate the eye was shut. I threw everything at it Neomycin eye ointment in the eye, benadryl cream around the eye and oral metacam. When I went to put him back one of the Blue Slate AND the othe Spanish Black Poults also seemed to have fluids coming out no swelling... but they are new to perching and hanging their heads down below their bodies..... I just don't know if there is a Turkey "cold" or something else I should watch for. I do have two quail in with them but they are also babies out of the brooder. These Poults were incubator hatched but allowed outside during the day (I don't think they were exposed to the flock though as they were still pretty small when I got them). Outisde all day now but enclosed in an aviary that wasn't used for two years

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

Uggh sorry about the spelling mistakes!
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Sorry here's the pic
Here are some pictures of my first ever sinus infection. Chick weight - 800 grams. Gave 0.16 ml of 10% Baytril IM.

Here it is at 9 am:

Four hours later:

Here he is 8 hours later. Note that I have not wiped his face.

28 hours later - still some swelling that is hard to see in pictures, and some clear drainage from nostril. Up five grams, which is not enough, but it's better than a loss.

Chick was 100% after just two shots, but gave two more per the recommendation of a vet.

Ok there is definitely a second Poult with it now. These are pets. I have them both now on Baytril. I am curious if this is a contagious issue and should I keep them separate from the others. I also have them in a flight cage with quail which I'd prefer to keep healthy. Or is this just something babies tend to get. Thank you for your help
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