Runt question, also pics Cotton patch goslings vs cabbage


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Jan 15, 2010
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I have 1 very tiny gosling who when they arrived at a week old I thought she was a day old, shes half the size of the others, do you think she will catch up? can a runt grow up to be a healthy goose? Its hard to see how small she really is in the pics but in person shes very small and light but shes very energetic and able to compete and swipe choice greens from the others.

Pics below:





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Shes gotten a bit bigger but still really tiny. Oddly her hatch flock mate is the biggest gosling I've seen his age (also the most gentle) his name is tank and hes a lap goose.
No one else have a runt? Can they grow up to be a big goose? or do they stay smaller?
There is no way to tell, It could be a mutation and remain small (where do you think geese of different sizes come from?
In my limited experience (only 3 runts) they appeared in trouble when Hatched and none lasted a month. Yours appears very healthy but isn't showing signs of catching up yet. A year from now it still may be smaller than normal but still be healthy. I know of no way to predict. Enjoy him while you have him.

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