Runt Welsh Harlequin


Feb 25, 2018
Morrow, Ohio
I had a mixed breeds batch of ducklings hatch may 8t. One appears to be full Welsh harlequin, as I do have a drake and hen Welsh. But it has a orange bill and it's a hen? It quacks loud! Also she is so much smaller. The rest of the batch is as big as the other ducks, cant really tell them apart. Why is she so small, why is her bill so orange. My only other drakes are a cayuga, and a buff orpington. You can tell the buff and Welsh mixs from the rest so I assume this one was pure breed. Sorry for the bad pictures its humid and sunny. She out front in the first picture and in the middle of the other two.
I used to have two male Buffs,one had a pink bill the other had a orange.I assumed it was just genetics. Don't know where you got them from but she could be a Miniature Silver Appleyard or she is just a Welsh Harlequin Runt.

Either way you have a beautiful flock!

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