Russian Orloff Hen?


5 Years
Feb 3, 2018
Oregon (Lane County)
This is a hen right? She is pretty aggressive with the rest of my flock and I have yet to see an egg out of her which has me questioning the couple droopy tail feathers and skinnier neck feathers.


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I do not know this breed but that really looks like a boy to me.
See the saddle feathers?
I do see some saddle ish feathers but not a lot of them and since there has not been any crowing?? My previous Roos where very obvious early off so when Rufus didn't get fancy or start crowing I assumed hen.
I once had an Amerecauna hen. Once she hit about 10 mos we discovered she was really a HE. If you have a dominant roo around or other dominants in your established flock, sometimes a late blooming roo can well..... Bloom late. But it seems to have the skinnier legs and such of a hen. My chocolate ladii has droopy tail feathers, it's part of her breed characteristic..... I know that doesn't really help....

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