Rut-Roh.. two roos? (Is this a roo too??)


6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
Okay, I do have one SLW who was purchased under the assumption that he was a roo.. and by all indications, that is quite correct (crowing, protecting, strutting, etc lol).

BUT. I also have two RIRs, who I have assumed were hens. However, the RIRs are not developing the same. One is noticeably bigger and has a much larger/redder comb but I have just been assuming that the one was developing quicker. There are no other signs, no crowing, and I *thought*, looking at feather pattern, that a hen it was.

The other day, hubby said, "you KNOW that one RIR is a roo, right?" I said, no it's not! It's just bigger. He thinks I'm wrong, but he hasn't heard it crow or anything. His argument was that it has a comb, but I said hens have those too, that's not the only thing that makes a roo.

Well.. this morning I went out and looked over at the flock, and the SLW roo and this big RIR "hen" were having a standoff of sorts, mirroring each others' movements, heckles raised, all lighthearted, never any physical contact but still it got me thinking- if two are going to act silly like this, it's always those two. I very rarely see any of the others stand up to the SLW roo. Just this one. And now when I look at this pic I'm seeing stuff I didn't notice before. Like, aren't those hackles a bit pointy?

I want to try to get a shot of this one compared to its counterpart. I'm just crushed thinking I could have two roos. I just couldn't choose between them.
And I will be THRILLED if you guys don't think s/he is a roo. So feel free! I just cannot decide. I'm back & forth every time I look.
Hmmm, possible. Any sign of spurs? I got two BAs and I was certain for quite a while that one of them was a roo but..she lays an egg almost every day.
Here! Zoomed in on a shot of the two RIRs, plus the SLW. The RIRs faces are very different. I'm calling the smaller one "Chicken Little", though you can't really see the size difference here with her puffed up. lol.

Well, I've looked at all their legs from the beginning and it always seemed like they all had little "buds" where spurs would be. I will try to get a good look at roost time tonight.
Okay I got it and looked good at the legs. There are teeny little (really) sharp "pimples" where spurs would be- one on each leg, just like always.. But one or two of my hens have those too- and my for sure roo does NOT have them. LOL! So confused.
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Okay!! Well. THAT one turned out to be a roo, and not a pleasant one at that. I did find a cozy little niche for him though, in a corner of my freezer. ;) Had he not been so hateful I would have given him longer, but it wasn't looking good.

SO! Wanna play again?? **heavysigh**

When I went to process him (at the place where I get my chickens), I got two new "hens".. youngins.. one of them a BR. Once I got them home I got to looking at the BR. I guess I didn't pay much attention to the face when we were grabbing, as I know that roos are generally lighter than the hens.. but I'm not feeling good about it. :(

Here's a pic:

I'm estimating this one around 8 weeks? Or so? You can see the back end of the SLW "for sure hen" just beside him. I assume she is the same age as they were grouped together at the farm. Not loving the leg difference, or the general size difference. And that comb/wattle... ack. Honestly I can't even believe I'm wasting the time to ask.

So. Hit me with it. Ugh...
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