SAC ATTACHED! Please help me!


Jun 20, 2022
His sac is still attached! What do I do???
Please help!


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That's still a lot of yolk. If he does come all the way out. wrap him in a paper towel, ad then put him in a small container within the incubator. Be very careful that the yolk does not break.
I actually have him still in his egg resting on my chest wrapped up to stay warm. Does he need to be alone in the incubator? I’m in tears and I don’t want to leave him alone. I’m just talking to him and he stopped struggling to get out. I’m trying to keep him in the bottom half of the egg, but if I do put him down he immediately starts trying to completely hatch, and shouldn’t he be kept quiet in order to absorb the sac?
This is the first time hatching ducklings because mama was killed by a fox. I’ve had all 4 since about day 9 or 10.
The others have internally piped so this baby is premature.
I know I sound ridiculous but I love this little guy. I stayed up all night checking on him and the humidity.
I will give up all my chores for today just to keep him alive!
If he insists on coming out, what do I do then?
I’m sorry for asking so much but I’ll do whatever I can to save him!! ❤️🐤😢
God bless you for your help.
Peeping and wiggling is normal, even in the egg absorbing the yolk. I'd keep him in the incubator so he can stay warm. If you put him in a small container that will help him from escaping and hurting himself.
So you don’t think holding him again my chest would be ok? He’s going to finish hatching if I put him down.
But your the expert. Should I try to keep him in his egg?
Also, how long will it take for the sac to absorb? What if he insists on hatching? Do I just let it hang there?
I’m at a loss right now, what if it comes off and he bleeds??
I’m so sorry to bother you, but I want to do everything I can to save him. Is there any chance he will live? 😢

Blessings to you for your help.

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