Sad and Confused and Angry at the World(mostly myself)


7 Years
May 18, 2012
New Yawk
Hi, my chicks didnt hatch. I just opened three to see what was inside today and in one there was an almost fully formed chick inside!!It was dead however
The other two must have died around day 7 because there was an embryo inside. What did I do wrong???:(:(:(
Ok thanks but does anyone know what I did wrong? I just put two more in but I want to make sure I dont do the same thing twice...
in the information center there is tons of stuff about hatching eggs. But first we need to know some things. What kind of incubator did you use? How was the tempatures during incubation? How was the humidity? Did you turn them ? All that kind of stuff. Im sorry it went badly for you it happens and it makes each one of us very sad when it does.
Its a still air in a homemade styrofoam cooler. I try to keep the temp as close to 100 as i can but it droped pretty low(80) once or twice. I have no idea about the humidity... wow maby that was it...:(
Oh and i turned them by hand... does anyone know which way to turn them? as u can probably tell im pretty new at this
To much humidiy can be a problem but alot of us suffer from to little humidity. What do you have to heat up your bator. Here Is a link that leads you to tons of links for all sorts of information on hatching eggs. If you can go out and get something to help tell you the humidity. I have a didgital temp and humidity guage that I got from the reptial section of a pet store as temp and humidity is also needed for them.

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