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Apr 25, 2011
We had a horrible hail storm today and were not home, and for some reason our 3 americanas decided not to go in the coop and now we only have 1. Why would they not go in and stay in should have been home... My 2 girls are devastated and i cant find anymore locally, they were 2 months old can someone help me find some, im in south ms so they will have to b shipped but i need americanas or EE, they love them, any help will b very appreciated!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
a lot of the hatcheries have tons of them. our feed store here in tucson has a million but i think they are harder to come by in other places. I am so sorry for your loss! I work in insurance and we are seeing a lot of devastation from these midwest hail storms. I hope things get better soon.
I am so very sorry ... .I know excactly how you feel , i lost alot of my birds in a tornado 2 days ago , it hurts losing animals you love
I hope you find some new babies to love try craigslist
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