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    Jan 30, 2009
    We got a new 8 mo. pup from the shelter and I caught him eating my white EE alive! I immediately scooped her up and brought her in the house to get warm, crying, praying, but she died in my arms.

    We had a wonderful black lab that was born in our kitchen 7 yrs ago. The chickens were "HIS" chickens really, he loved them and guarded them. Rosie (RIR) would sit on his back in the summer. Once he saved a guinea that was drowning in the pond.

    He blew his knee out and our cold climate and being on a hill was so hard on him...I found a home in Mesquite where they let him swim in the pool and they have a nice flat backyard to give the knee a chance to heal. I miss him daily and keep wondering if I did the right thing.

    Anyway, pup (supposedly chow mix but more like full) was to be his replacement and I caught him with a hen fm my old flock and (sorry to those that disagree) but beat his little butt and told him chickens are off limits (she was scared but fine). To his credit, those chickens are free ranging today and he left them alone, but somehow the teens let a younger hen out. He got her and I found him on our lawn with her.

    He's very smart and knew immediately he'd done the wrong thing. I tried warming my girl up but she died. She started laying blue eggs this only blue egg layer....and I don't hv to tell this group how much those mean to chicken lovers.

    When I saw her out (I just got home with groceries) asked my daughter to go get her back in the coop. I didn't know she didn't and SO wish she would hv told me. [​IMG]

    Not sure what to do with the dog, I'm madder than hell at him but trying to not have a knee jerk reaction. Just so bummed...when I saw her out down by the barn I should hv taken care of her myself.

    I haven't read the back posts so sorry if I'm in the middle of a discussion. This thread is very active and easy to get behind (still not getting alert emails).

    Anyway, guess I just came in to tell. My family doesn't get why I would cry over a chicken.
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    so sorry for your loss. It is hard and we understand.

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