Safe to eat eggs when using no-peck lotion and blu-kote

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    Mar 1, 2014
    Hi! We are new to this forum. We have six Ameraucanas that we have had for about a year. They have been perfect with no signs of any trouble whatsoever until a few days ago. As we are still new 'chicken parents' everything is still new and scary so I figure best to ask questions so as not to make too many mistakes with our girls.

    Two days ago, we noticed that most of them were missing some tail feathers. Upon closer examination, we realized that each of them had feathers pulled out and a nice bald spot around their tail and below around their vents. Nothing was extremely bloody or raw, just bare with a couple of spots where it looked like it had bled when a feather was pulled out. I examined them and couldn't find any indication of lice or mites (to the best of my ability as I'm not a complete expert, but nothing looked like the 'q-tip' description I had read to look for).

    We purchased both Rooster Booser no-peck lotion and a can of Blu-kote. We treated 3 with one and 3 with the other to see which might work better. It seemed like the three with the Blue-kote looked a little better this morning so we re-treated all with the Blu-kote again today. I have read that eggs from chickens treated with Blu-kote are safe to eat, but could not find anything that indicated anything about the no-peck lotion.

    Does anyone have any experience with the product, and with the problem of missing feathers?

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    [​IMG] Glad you joined us!

    As far as the Rooster Booster or Blu Kote, I would still eat the eggs. I'd probably wash them off first if there was some on the outside, but I think they would be fine.

    So, do you have a rooster that might be to blame for the bald spots? If not, I might check again for mites. Perhaps get out there at night and shine a flashlight. Mites tend to be found around the vents. If not mites, have they been stuck inside due to winter weather? Is it possible that they are bored and plucking feathers out of each other?
  3. isleofview44

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    Mar 1, 2014
    Thank you for the reply. We have no rooster. We live with in the city limits so our permit does not allow for one. I thought it might be boredom. As the weather gets warmer i plan on bathing each of them. They look pitiful missing so many feathers! I still haven't found mites but i have to assume that is what we are dealing with.
    It just hurts me to see their sore little butts and feel slightly helpless to make it better. I know in a few years i will feel confident and get past stuff like this without even batting an eyelash! Thanks again.
    A quick question though - have you heard of using grapefruit seed extract in the water to treat parasites? I thought citrus was a 'no no' with chickens and am kind of scared to try it not trusting knowing if it will hurt them or not..

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