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    Story line:

    For voluminous centuries Earth, has been in conflict with each other, but only for one certain thing, Sages. A Sage is known as a ear-pointed, human with one certified power. They dwell in the last forest known as Trystal, hiding from humans. The passive Sages have been hunted down from vicious humans for countless decades. The number of Sages living tapered radically that formed humans to believe the Sages were extinct, but they were erroneous. Sages do thrive, but a petite portion do. The Sages have faith there is a ship, a ship to evacuate Earth and flee from the hunt from humans. But that belief soon became a dream from the depletion of their existence and generations passing on.


    If I say say something it goes

    No Mary-sues: As in perfect characters, no ones perfect,

    No God-modding: This means a) you cannot control another person's character, ONLY your own, and b) you cannot roleplay your character as more powerful than they actually, realistically are. Don't have telepathy in the game? Then don't roleplay using it. It's as simple as that.

    PG-13 only

    Keep the love scenes decent

    You can kill someones character off if they agree. Other then that, no exceptions

    All BYC rules apply

    Be nice and respectful to other RPers.

    Super powers you can have:

    Healing: limited to healing only certain types of wounds. Takes time to heal

    Telepathy: Have to be close by to use. Keep it limited.

    Shapeshift: One animal only.

    Element: One element only


    The Sages thrive in the a dense forest called Trystal, trying to hide from the vicious humans, lurking in their cities. The Sages camouflage well with the aid from the abundant, avocado trees, and soaring, blades of grass.


    Sage Form

    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Power(Only one):
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)

    Sages living:

    Ranks for Trystal Village
    King(1): ~ Avery (memories)
    Queen(1): ~ Dakota (Perfectpolish)
    Princess(2): ~ Wintent (Wintent) Lyet (Perfect)
    Prince(2): ~
    Kids(limited): ~ Amatera (Ipuppy)
    Commeners(unlimited)~ Hylia (Cordon)~
    Spies (limited)~ Lyet (Perfectpolish)
    Hunters (limited)~ Hasis (Nightwish) Scorch (Memories)
    Loners (unlimited)~ Anabelle (Starnicco) Es-Shika (Say: S-Shee-Kay) ((Chicken Radio)) Ra-Shera (Say: Raw-Sure-A) ((Chickenradio))

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  2. Name: Hylia
    Gender: F
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 17
    Behavior/Personality:Calm, anxious, hides a lot. Loves to be by liquid and turns her mood from its gentle waves. Can get grumpy and moody quick.
    Power(Only one): Element (water)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Humans, fire, groups, noises
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional) TBR
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  6. Name:Avery
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: : Confident in himself and in achieving multiple things. he contains two side of him. If you're an acquaintance to him, he is quiet, and alert. If he trusts you. he's gentle, warmhearted, and helpful. On his lonesome and during his travels he learned to be strong and smart.
    Power(Only one): Shape shifting (Panther)
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): the unknown of the human cities, loosing his people, wars, death, burning forest, depleting in numbers
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: Avery has been in hiding, secretly observing the humans actions. He aided and gathered as many Sages as he could discover, he lured them into Trystal, where he built a miniature village.
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    Gender: F
    Age: 24
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    As human she has long balck hair and black eyes. A scar runs across her cheek from a fight.
    Behavior/Personality: secertive and a keep to self person. She doesnt trust unless you have proven yourself
    Power(Only one): shape shift (wolf)
    Rank: Queen?
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s):Human especially males
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)TBR

    Name: Lyet ( pronounced Lee Et
    Gender: F
    Age: 7
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Short shoulder length aubrun hair and light green eyes
    Behavior/Personality: same as Dakota
    Power(Only one): shape shift ( Falcon)
    Rank: child now but later spy
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): Fire
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional) Her mother is Dakota
    History: (optional)TBR
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