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  1. jobeis

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    Mar 4, 2013
    This is why you should never count your ducks before they hatch.

    My 5th grader wanted to hatch eggs for her science project that is due on March 18th. We counted back the days and would have had ducklings by this weekend for her project. She had 2 identical Brinseas, got all her duck eggs from the same seller on ebay and was going to compare a cooling off period vs a non cooling off period in her 'baters.

    Now that it looks like hatching was a complete bust, any suggestions on how to salvage this for the science project? We have some ducklings coming to us next week for fun but that's not very scientific. . . We have some chicken eggs that are going in the 'baters tomorrow but they won't hatch in time for her project.

    Brings back memories. I hatched chicks for my own science project when I was a kid and had a great hatch rate. But then my dog got into my room one night and killed them all. [​IMG] I was studying hatch rates so I was able to complete my project (although I had to find some chicks to display at the last minute) but my daughter won't be able to do that now.

    I'm lost as to how I can help her salvage this. Thoughts anyone?
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    I am just starting to hatch eggs in my eighth grade class. They are finding the volume and mass of each egg to find the density. (it is less than 1 - that is why they sink). I would say to write down everything that happened, experiments that don't work out is still an experiment. They are keeping track of temperature, humidity. We are building a chart with all the weights before and then at each candling and right before lockdown. My students are so excited. I hope that helps.

    I would say to have pictures of what should have happened.
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    Can you find some others that are currentl hatching and ask them for some data on thier hatches? I know there are many people currently on WIsconsin Cheeseheads thread with current hatches going. I am so sorry this didnt work out for her.
  4. jmorriso

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Do eggtopsy with pictures to try to determine what went wrong and if the cooling off vs not cooling off had anything to do with it?
  5. jobeis

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    Mar 4, 2013
    Thanks! I knew people on here would have some suggestions as to what we could attempt.

    I really appreciate the advice. We will make sure to credit BYC forum members if she gets a blue ribbon, heehee!
  6. Sally Sunshine

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    Awwww I am so sorry and about your dog issue back then too! There are many variables that could determain viable and non viability during incubation. I did alot of research took alot of notes as I went along and found there are quite I few things you need to be aware of, like calibration and weighing or watching air cells and know that humidity IS NOT A SET NUMBER.....

    There is also a procedure for shipped eggs..... please see my notes and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your hatch!

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