Samantha the Blind Duckling

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    When hatching large numbers of poultry you go through the highs and the lows. When I saw this duckling after she hatched I immediately noticed she was a bit different than the rest. After a small inspection I realized she was perfectly healthy other than she had no eyes. It is so unfortunate and hard to have to put down a chick/duckling that did not form right but in some cases it is the kindest act you can do for it .. . Realizing this duckling could live a healthy and happy life with just a little hard work from her keeper I went about finding her the right person. I offered her for free with another duckling to raise her with. I wanted her to go to someone with few other poultry to be sure her new keeper could offer her the time she needed. It did not take long to find someone who could accommodate these needs. A young lady came and picked up the two ducklings just a couple days after I placed the ad. She had a small coop with only a few chickens and had just bought a couple more chicks. We kept in touch often as I was excited to hear of her progress. She told me that the two ducklings and chicks were great friends and the other duckling helps Samantha all through the day finding food and water. They are now over one year old and Samantha is a mature hen now even brooding to hatch out a clutch of her own ducklings .. .
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    Awww! She's adorable!
    Is she a Khaki Campbell?
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    Wow. :)
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    I love stories like that![​IMG]
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    yes they are khakis

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