Same breed, different egg colors, age, normal???

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    I have one pullet (5mo old) that I was told was a Blue Plymouth Rock. She lays beautiful, rich brown speckled eggs. I also fairly recently got two layingBarred Plymouth Rocks (about a year old). I have had them for 3 weeks now, and FINALLY one of them started laying again since the move. Her eggs though are a very light brown color. Do the barred rocks vs the other plymouth rocks have different colored eggs naturally, or is this what mine will start looking like with age?



    It was a full dozen until dad ate one. Which is fine, but I just really wanted a pic of a full dozen. LOL

    Isn't that just the cutest assortment of eggs. I can't WAIT till my Ameraucanas start laying. Any day now.

    Here are the Barred Rocks:


    Here is the Blue Plymouth Rock:
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    I have 2 red stars that are the same age. One lays a medium dark brown egg and the other lays a large light brown egg. I think every chicken is different.
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    I have 3 comets, 2 BA and a RIR all lay varying shades of brown eggs. I can tell who laid what egg just by the color! There isn't one standard color, every chicken is different.
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    Wow - I've never heard of blue rocks before - yours is beautiful!

    My barred rocks lay light brown eggs like your barred rocks' eggs (no speckles). You can see their eggs in my avator (the lightest brown ones). They have also lightened up a bit now that my chickens have been laying for a few months - yours will probably darken again after your hens moult.

    I think the type of Plymouth Rock probably does have something to do with egg color. For example; Black Copper Marans lay darker eggs than Cuckoo Marans.
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