Same hen??


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I have been waiting on my four true Ameraucanas to start laying they are 37weeks old.. Tues. I got my first egg from them... a small perfectly formed egg, that was the palest blue--almost white--but just a hint of blue...Well, Wed. and today I went to gather eggs and found a beautiful blue egg--same shape and size but really blue. Could this be the same hen?? OR do you think I have at least two who have started? Each day, I have been almost 'running' to gather eggs to see how many colored eggs they have laid.. I am so excited, so many colors for my egg basket..
I'm not sure if their egg color changes- but it is possible if she is just starting to lay. I have an EE girl and she lays consistently pale blue eggs. I have another one who has not laid yet- she is a newly acquired and I think still adjusting. Hoping she lays a darker blue egg!

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