Sand harmful to chickens?? plus poop board question

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    So my coop will be finished soon and I have been researching what type of bedding I should use. I thought sand would be great after reading all the positive reviews but then I came across one that said it was harmful. something about it irritating the lungs and throat when breathed in and it mentioned silica (sp) as well I believe. Is this true? Has anyone else heard this or agree with this?

    Poop board question: I'd like to use poop boards to make cleaning easier however in my coop there isnt any where that I could easily put them so I thought maybe I could put them on the floor. Like raise them up a few inches with like a 2 x 4 and the put hexagonn wire over it and on hinges so I could open it to clean it. Would this be worth the trouble or not? or any other suggestions?
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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Dust from sand would be bad when in a confined space without good air. If the coop is well ventilated, sand shouldn't be an issue.

    If you have wire under the roost, you'll need a brush to clean poop off of it. You're better off letting it hit the ground if you can't install higher and solid poo trays.

    Some of those hen poops are every bit as big as an egg!
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    My coop will have 2 large windows on the back wall that will probably always be open and a sreen door on each end that will be open in the summer. is that enough ventalation?

    Also our summers are super hot like in the 90s and 100s every day while are winters are pretty mild like the lowest is 30 or so.. is sand the best bedding for this type of weather? I'd also mix in some sweet PDZ and probably some DE.
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    We're also in Georgia and we use sand in our runs and in the coop. Dries the poop out nicely and keeps the odor down. There's no dust in the air from this sand.

  5. Debs55

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    Gail- What type of sand do you use? Oh and if you really live in Augusta then I live like 30 minutes from you!
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    I have not used sand in a coop yet, but we do use it in our brooder. WAY better than pine in my opinion. Not nearly as much dust, not nearly as much smell, and I just scoop the poop out with a cat box scoop then mix it up. I am going to get some PDZ to put in with it too eventually. I just use play sand, like the kind for a sandbox or landscaping (like to level out paving stones).
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    Aug 30, 2009
    Goshen, OH
    Play sand is pricier, but a lot less dust! It's been sifted already. Construction sand tends to be dusty, as well as any type that hasn't already been sifted/cleaned/ect.
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    Oh man, if sand is bad then I am screwed!!! LOL... My entire yard is sand!!!! I live on an ancient riverbed and since moving from Ohio in September I am longing for real DIRT!!!
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    Ok thanks yall! That makes me feel sooo much better about using my sand in my coop! Now I've just got to get it finished...almost there :)

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