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Nov 9, 2008
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My Coop
The guy I get my stone from suggested I use several inches of small crushed limestone (no. 12) instead of sand in my run. He says it will work as well as sand with the added advantage it naturally reduces odors. He's not a chicken owner, however. Should I take his advice or go with the sand?
I had sand in my run and corral and in the middle of our winter I shoveled it out and changed over to a SMALL sized base rock. I believe it is called "Road Grade?"

During the rain the run and corral smelled because of how wet it was and the sand did not help. The base rock has been great. Plus it gives my girl's grit.

I am with your rock guy...go with the crushed limestone. That is what we were going to replace the sand with but we did a big paver job here and had leftover base rock so into the run and corral it went.
I used concrete sand - has small pebbles/rocks in it. Drains quickly and the chicks like to pick at it.

edited to change from construction to concrete sand.
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