Savannah booboo


6 Years
Oct 26, 2016
My pekin Savannah started limping and I thought oh dear it's bumble. I looked at her feet and they looked surprisingly perfect. So I thought she could have sprained her ankle. So I brought her inside to soak in the tub and rest. The next day I noticed she actually had her back claw cut in half. I didn't notice it at first. I feel bad/stupid. I asked on Facebook what to do on a duck site and ask I got was take her to the vet. I always take them if I feel they need it but I'm this case I'd like to treat from home. But there was no blood. I've never dealt with nail injuries so idk what to do. Everything online says to stop the bleeding and wrap it but she's not bleeding. Idk what to do now. Does this cause serious limping if only half is missing?
Thank you

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