Save the bubble bath for yourself ---- NO SOAP or Bubbles for geese please


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They are not dogs................please stop raising them like they are.

This is disturbing. I have read post after post here and other locations online about people giving their geese (and ducks) bubble baths, or a bath in the tub with soap.


I dont know who started this train of thought with people but just cut it out. Waterfowl have oils they spread over their feathers to keep them in good condition. ALL they need is clean water to "bath" and allowed to preen and spread the oils again over their feathers. Yes they may have a slight order to them, NO this doesnt mean you should soap them up and give them daily/weekly/monthly soapy bathes.

CLEAN FRESH WATER and let them do what is natural to stay clean and their feathers in good health.

Cleaning their feet off is one thing, but good grief stop stripping their natural oils off with soap. Their natural oils is what protects them from common lice and mites that plague chickens

PS............not geared towards people who show. This is about those who think soap is needed daily/weekly/monthly for pet waterfowl because of their scent. Yes they have a scent they are livestock after all.
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On the rare occasion I have waterfowl with an injury/wound I put a little Oxine AH in the water to keep bacteria down. It is not soap, and if they swallow a little water with some in it they will not be harmed.

That would be the only time I add anything to their bath,.
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