Saxony Ducklings

Hi - we have Saxony ducks - 10 ducks and 2 drakes -- we had 3 drakes but one was stolen by a coyote last winter. Actually 2 drakes is PLENTY -- they keep the girls very busy. I am hoping to gather some eggs and incubate them starting in a couple of weeks - just recently put the boys and girls back together. We had them separated for the winter. We also have Indian Runners and Anconas. -- and Geese
Do the males have bigger bills than the females? Is your goose friendly? I have one and hold it so much in hopes it'll be friendly!
I also got mine two weeks ago,on the 9th and it's so crazy how much they have grown since then! :)
We got ours already matured. The drakes do have bigger bills. The ducks are friendly. Our drakes hang back while the ducks come right up to us.
I am not sure if that trait is a determining gender trait, but maybe someone with saxony duckling experience can clarify. Mine are full grown and there is a difference between the bils, but again they are not ducklings. Our biggest drake has the largest bill.

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