Scabs and funkiness on face - pics

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    Sep 25, 2009
    After being gone for a week over Christmas, we came home to our beloved Charla Kay (kids named her after my sister, a badge of honor) looking like this! She had a couple of tiny spots before, but it seems to have grown very quickly into this nasty looking stuff. When I was getting these pictures I noticed a couple tiny white bugs crawling around her face, so I'm guessing she has some kind of lice? What do I do?! Please help me, this is sad.


    The membrane over this eye isn't permanently closed, just so you know. She just blinked for the flash I guess.

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    Apr 13, 2009
    Rocky Mount VA
    Carefully treat this hen and all your others for mites, either with Diatomaceous Earth or 5% carbaryl dust (Sevin). Dust the coop as well. Put antibiotic ointment (I use human triple antibiotic) on her cuts -- it looks to me like she did it scratching herself, but it might have been worsened by pecking by others. Isolate her until she is healed. Treat again for mites in a week to make sure newly hatched are killed off as well.

    Sometimes I add an antibiotic powder to their water if they have an injury, so that they can better overcome any secondary infection from the scratches. Chicken feet are DIRTY.

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