Scabs or Warts on Chick Feet


5 Years
Feb 5, 2014
Portland, Oregon
1 1/2 week old Penedesenca chick
Has scabby, warty looking patches on underside of feet. Feet are not mal-formed nor inflamed. Normal feet otherwise. Looks like more patches forming.
Runty chick - smaller than the other Penedesenca that hatched out. Chick chirps a more than others and has had pasty butt twice. I discovered the foot problem upon soaking off the second pasty butt episode. Photo is while wet - they darken down to almost black when dry.
No other chicks have this problem and there are 14 chicks together total.
No other sign of trauma, but a little bit of redness/irritation around the vent and some skin that looks irritated a half inch below vent.
No bleeding.
Eating medicated feed with a little brewer's yeast and chick grit mixed in.
She pooped while I was cleaning her and the poop was normal, correct color and the right consistency, not liquid.
Chick eats and drinks normally.
Housing is a clean 3'x2'x6' stock tank (galvanized tub) with thin layer of Dry Den compressed wood pellets with hay spread on top. Again, none of other chicks have this problem.
Should I isolate or cull? I think I'm going to go ahead and seperate, but I don't want to stress her out if unnecessary.
Any ideas what this may be?
Scroll down the following cached and highlighted page to look for footpad dermatitis. The original page appears as the second link in my post:

footpad dermatitis highlighted in this page above:

Of course staph (bumblefoot) can cause footpad dermatitis, but if you are fairly sure your brooder conditions are great, then you may have a look at the vit deficiencies.
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Thank you @ChickensAreSweet
I'm pretty sure this is footpad dermatitis and have started entire lot on electrolite/vitamin supplement.
Wonder if it can be a result of poor feed in the parent stock...
I would probably switch out the litter to pine shavings (the larger size,) since hay can hold moisture, and can be bad for crop impaction.
x2 I didn't notice that hay was on top of your wood pellets when I read the post the first time.

I would get the hay out of there; good Eggcessive post (as usual)!
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