scalped pullet, should I super glue?


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
West Central WI
I have a Welsummer pullet who appears to have been scalped by the over-zealous cockerels. She has a quarter-sized flap of skin with feathers attached that has been partially ripped away from the back of her head and neck. She was in a pasture, and actually flew up into my lap (not a common occurence at our house) to tell me about how rough the boys were getting with her.

She is now isolated, quiet, eating and drinking and does not seem excessively damaged. I think the wound looks more grusome than it is damaging. There is no bad smell, did not seem to be a lot of dried blood around it. I cleaned it up and it looks like it could heal.

So, do I super glue the edge so the wound is closed? I'm worried that I will not get it clean enough and the thing will abcess if I close it up.

Will I have to find a rooster free flock for her? I think she may always have a protruding flap of skin that will make her easier to grab and injure in the future.

She's a nice friendly little girl, but we intend to keep a rooster and I wouldn't want her to be constantly injured.
I also searched on 'scalped' and found the prior articles/posts for treatment of this. It sounds do-able.

Strange that this sounds like a common injury.

Time to separate the cockerels that are heading for freezer camp to see if the reduction in attention is easier on the pullets.

Thanks All!
Soooo sorry you and your girl are going through this! I saw a great post last night and now I can't find it but it went on about making a saline solution and flushing the open wound. I know you said you cleaned it up but did you flush it to get everything out? Personally I would flush and use super glue just at the edges as you mention or take to the vet for a few sutures.

Nathalie Ross has posted on WOUND CARE FOR POULTRY. I don't know how to paste the link in or I would just do that but you can do a quick search. I'm sure you'll find it no problem.

Hugs to you and you tough little gal!!!

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