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    This is Nut. Short for Coconut since he is a Royal Palm Turkey. I have never had to deal with scaly leg mites, so I want to know if this is what scaly legs look like or is this something else? (I think it's mites from descriptions I have read) We have treated with eprinex and I also soaked his legs in vingegar and water in case it was some sort of fungus. The first few pictures show his legs before I scrubbed them clean, the last pictures, on the newspaper, are Nut's legs after washing. The bottom of his feet look fine, although where his legs are not silvery white, the skin is very pink. Thanks for your help, ya'll. Nut and I sincerely appreciate it. case you are wondering about the soil he is standing on, we live in sunny Florida...Sand...everywhere! We have had a lot of wet ground lately, with all the storms. It is nearly impossible to grow grass where I live.

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    The legs look very irritated by something. The fact that it is concentrated on his toes and between them makes me think he walked through something caustic or acidic.

    Could there be something on your property he got into where he was not supposed to be?
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    That poor thing. Looks painful. Usually leg mites lift up the scales and give it a very rough appearance. It doesnt seem as the scales are raised at all in the pics. I use either baby oil or vasaline for leg mites. I coat the legs and feet once a day until it seems as it has healed. I really dont have any advice other than that. I sure hope someone will come along that has had experience with this. Good luck.
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    I have to agree, although before treating with vaseline use a little warm soapy water to wash the dirt away and any dead mites etc (use an old toothbrush or something similar to wash underneath the raised scaled) and then put the vaseline on. It may need doing a couple of times for the scales to soften and drop off and then new ones will regrow. However, the scales don't seem to be raised but are looking very red and sore. I would wash them as suggested and try some vaseline on there as this will help to soothe the skin and help stop anything else irritating it. Good luck
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    Thank you, all.

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