Scaly Leg mites!! tried everything cant seem to get rid of them. Help!!

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    Jan 4, 2013
    Georgetown Indiana
    I had quite a few chickens that had Leg mites I treated with sevin dust, vaseline, WD-40, flea soap on the legs. I got rid of all my chickens and figured over the winter and with all the chickens gone they should be too. Well me and dad went to the store and made a brooder box and we ordered hatchery birds and them we got some equine pine and put that in there as bedding. Well a couple of days ago i noticed that the chicks had leg mites. Also we put gravel down on the floor of the metal building they live in hoping to reduce or prevent leg mite instead of the saw dust and shavings and stuff we used to have. I need to be rid if these pests until we moved into our new house i had never had these. I just feel very discourages with all the stuff i have tried and failing every time. I thought i might get this stuff its called scalex and i found it at a poultry supply store Has anyone used this product before or think it might work?

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