Scaly leg mites

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    I have a chicken with scaly leg mites-she is my oldest chicken and I guess that is why she is most affected. I treated all of my birds with vaseline and then bought some net-tex scaly leg remover which I thought would be great as you just spray it and it had really good reviews. All the other chickens have clear legs now (I'm not sure if they were affected to begin with or not) but my old bird has it quite bad. I spray as directed once every 5/6 days and have been for a few weeks now but I'm not sure if they are improving or not She has a big scab on each foot that looks like it's coming off but the trouble is I don't know if this is a good sign or not-presumably the scales have to lift and then fall off before new ones grow and her legs get better? I'm not sure if the treatment is working or not so just need a bit of advice on how it's supposed to look as it's healing as I have no idea if the net-tex is working or not-also if you have any experience with that product that would be great. It looks bad but maybe it has to look bad and the scales have to lift to come off and then heal? Really don't know but getting worried now and don't know what else to try..

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    I had two hens with scaley leg mites so bad they were lame. I dipped them in a solution of vegetable oil, coconut oil and several drops of tea tree oil. Heated the whole concoction in the microwave until it was warm. I held them in the solution for several minutes, as long as they would allow without beginning to struggle. I only had to do it twice and they are completely cured.

    ETA: I don't remember any scabs. I do remember great big chunks of calcified flesh breaking away from their legs.
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    X2 @ShanandGem has given you some good advice.

    Can you post some photos of the legs and scabs?

    The only other thing I might add would be to soak her legs in some warm soapy water to soften the scales a bit then gently scrub with soft brush to rid of any mite debris and dirt. Dry the legs/feet, then apply your oils. You can use the oils mentioned above or something like Castor oil or A+D ointment as well. Whatever you have on hand.

    If it is severe, then repeat your treatment a couple of times a week until the legs start to heal.
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    Photos would help us know exactly what you're dealing with. I agree with Wyorp Rock's recommendation, though: I would soak her in some warm soapy water and gently scrub her legs to remove any dirt, scabs, or loose old scales. Then put some oil on. If she continues to have problems with mites, I would also recommend treating her with pour-on ivermectin.
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    Thanks guys for the advice. I need to wash her feet to see exactly what they look like-was just a little worried about doing that and pulling any scales off before they were ready. She seems fine apart from that-she is always first off the perch and walking fine thank goodness. I'll wash her feet and then see what I'm dealing with. Thanks.

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    Hey everyone. I need help with my chickens. So.... I've got seven chicks right now and two sneaky hens that have been sitting on some eggs BUT I just found out my flock has scaly leg mites... what do I do? Will the seven chicks and the chicks that are eventually going to hatch be alright? Also, we've got a bunch of chickens with feathered legs so how do I treat them for it?

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