Scariest night of my life and also one of the worst


Sep 14, 2018
east wenatchee
Tonight I was out babysitting a friends' child who I knew from school,and I had someone coming over to pick up my drake Fred.And apparently my dad decided to put my semi wild bantam rooster in the duck pen,which also has holes that are too big for ducks but just the size for my rooster sparta.and when I got home and asked my dad where sparta was,he said sparta was in the ducks pen so I said okay then I went to put him away with the rest of the birds....and when I looked in to grab him,he wasn't there.and of course when I looked the hole my dad said he covered up had a Sparta sized hole in it,which sent me into panic mode.and lo,when I grabbed the flashlight me and my dad went out to look for him and when we couldn't find him in the lilac bushes,we turned to the giant tree that covers all of our runs...he was up in the tree,10 feet up above the garage roof which was also ten feet off the dad went oh well,he will come down in the morning when he is hungry and to hang out with the girls.But me being me I would not leave and I just stood there with the flashlight pointed up at him and mom came out and tried to get me to move but finally she convinced my dad to come out and take him down and he went up there and tried to catch him but failed on the first try and Sparta fell out of the tree,well more like slid out the tree,and then a couple very,very,very nail biting moments,he caught Sparta.I don't know if Sparta will be okay but I was so terrified I almost went into shock with relief at Sparta being safe.If you are wondering why I didn't just leave Sparta there is because we have a lot of predators near our house and his plumage is really flamboyant,and also I wouldn't have been able to sleep with worry.if you can,please keep sparta in your thoughts.
This summer we bought several pullets from a friend that were the same age as my girls and the integration of the birds went great. Until it was dusk and the new girls didn’t want to go in the coop with the original chickens. It was so hot this summer I had a sun canopy popped up in the run for extra shade and at night they kept getting on top of it. Every night I’d have to go out and collect them all from the top of the canopy. Then one night I was missing 4 girls. I searched all over for them, looked in the woods behind the run with, searched anywhere I could think of to no avail. Finally I was almost ready to give up when I looked in the tree that overhangs the run. There they were all cozy about 8 feet up in the air. Luckily I could reach the lower part of the branch, but I couldn’t reach the birds. I ended up just having to shake the branch until they all fluttered down. They were a little ruffled at being woken up, but were otherwise just fine. I’m glad your roo was found safe also, and I’m sure that he will be fine as well!
thanks and the only reason why my dad went up to grab sparta is because unless he had,I would have stood there all night long throught the 30 degree weather.I don't know if something is wrong with his wings because he was just standing in the dog kennel I had put him in and was letting his wings droop which is not normal for him.
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