Scentsy FS $85ppd $200 value wow!


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
I have a box of Scentsy scents, in starter kit form, minus about 5 that I have used, but will throw in what's left. I also have 4 6-piece bricks of the following (all used once)
Coconut Palm, French Kiss (both have one square squished so that one square is only half sized), Simply Irresistible, and Mountain Retreat. I also have a brick of Autumn Sunset, minus two squares. These go for $5 a piece.

I have two burners, one is the now Retired Blue Dogwood burner, minus two small chips that aren't very noticeable, the other is the now Retired Borneo burner. Were priced at $30 each before retirement.

I can list all the scents of the testers if interested, which, if you are skillfull and clever, you can use a screwdriver or butterknife to dig out the wax, or try microwaving for a few seconds to get it to slide out. They all are approx 2in high and 2in on the cap. full of Scentsy wax scents. I have 80 jars of starter kit scents. I'd guess about 2-3oz each. I also have 4 25 watt Scensty burner bulbs, a pack of Scentsy invitations, and a handful of plastic carry bags for product, also a few business cards that are blank.

I am asking $85 shipped parcel post, you may request faster shipping for an additional cost. Thanks for looking!

The bag with the bulbs, cards, postcards, and bags:

Pic of testers and bricks:

Another view of testers and bricks:

Borneo burner:

Blue Dogwood burner:

The chips, darm Mother of mine lol :

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