Scrambled Egg! My answer to your pet possum!


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14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Took the camera outside to take pics of Charlie and Billy. They weren't cooperating, but the bobcat hybrid was; so....


Mods, forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place. He's not a pest or a predator (at least not of our animals), but he's not exactly ready for the pets category either.
Grits!!! He's gorgeous!!!!! What a really good lookin cat!! Now give him some milk, get a scratchin post, let me send back the possum collar since my possums haven't been around in a while...and let Bob there sleep on the foot of your bed!!!lol!! Man, he sure is big!!!!..better get one of those heavy duty scratching posts and a jumbo sized litter box, lol!!!
He is gorgeous, isn't he? You can't really tell by looking at him, because he wouldn't stand up on command
, but we estimate his weight to be around 20 lbs. No tail and of course, he has that 'jacked up' rear end. Oh, and I'm busted for feeding him, but the SO is taken with him now too; so it's all good.

He's developed a habit of going to the same place just outside the yard and yowling when he wants to be fed. He won't come in the actual yard cuz the one time he did Killer Kitty, all 2 1/2 lbs. of her, chased him back out.
Go Killer Kitty!!! I thought that Bobcats had different ears than his, maybe in the mixed genetics he lost those, he is really handsome. You feed him cat food?! Somehow I can't see him in the Meow Mix commercials, lol!!!

I will say that you beat me hands down with the best wild pet, lol!!!
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