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    Jun 4, 2013
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    i ran into some molded scratch feed. i did not know the heat would cause it to mold. do yall think if i put my next bag in my freezer it will keep it from molding and still be ok to feed the hens.
  2. Think of your feed as you might a loaf of bread in your cupboard. Bread doesn't take very long to begin to mold. The air this time of year is extremely humid and moist. The air is also very warm as summer winds down. Hot and moist is a recipe for mold grow. I suppose putting a bag of scratch in the freezer might work if you can scoop out just want you need in portions.

    If feed grows molds, it is potentially a very bad and very dangerous thing to feed. If your flock is too small to finish a bag of feed within a month, consider buying smaller bags.
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    Keeping the feed in the freezer is a good way to prevent spoilage. We buy extra loaves of bread when we shop and keep them in the freezer until needed.

    My bags of feed don't last long enough to spoil.

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    I find that when my bags of feed mold, it is because they have gotten damp in some way.

    Keeping feed frozen is great, nothing wrong with it, it would keep it nice and fresh............but I go through way too much feed to fit it into my freezer.[​IMG]
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