Scuffle & Injured Quail

Green Bean Quail

Nov 13, 2019
Hey all!
It appears that Scarface and Blondie got into a tizz. Scarface is a little worse for the wear, beak got chipped and she has bloodstains arounf her beak, was pecking around fine tho and besides being a little shaky isn’t bleeding much. Blondie has a nick under his eye, more like a scratch and is rubbing at it a little. Should I be worried? I have them with a sand base, hay piles, a heating pad, heated water bowl, insulated mats and plenty of space with only 5 birds, so I was a little upset they had a scuffle.
If you can tell who the aggressive one is, I'd give them a "time out". Separate that one from the rest for a day or two then put them back in. that usually (but not always) teaches them a lesson.

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