SE Ohio Marans cross (w/chocolate genes)

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    Nov 14, 2011
    (1) approx. 1-yo roo Black Copper Marans cross (Choc+ Choc+) $10

    (1) approx. 4-mo roo Blue Copper Marans cross (Choc+ Choc+) $10

    (1) approx. 4-mo pullet Black Marans cross (Choc+ -) $25

    or all 3 ^^^ for $35

    (chocolate genetics noted above are based on input to “chicken calculator”)

    also available:
    Smooth and Frizzled Black X Red Cochin bantams --multi-colored pullets and cockerels (4-12 weeks) (parentage from commercial hatchery stock)

    Mille Fleur d'Uccles pullets and cockerels (approx. 8 weeks) (Ideal)
    Buttercup cockerels--combs not circular (approx. 8 weeks) (McMurray)
    Barred Rock cockerels (approx. 12 weeks) (TSC)

    15 miles SE of Lancaster, OH
    pickup only

    The above listed Marans cross birds are from my “A” line chocolate project:

    Chocolate Orpington roo (mid-size) X Blue French Marans hen
    = feathered legs, large chocolate (avatar) and khaki hens

    Black Copper French Marans roo (“A” aka "Pierre") X chocolate and khaki hens (from 1st cross) = blue and black feathered leg hens (lay medium chocolate eggs -- easily distinguishable from Barred Rocks, etc.)

    Black Copper French Marans roo (“A” aka "Pierre") X blue feathered leg hens (from 2nd cross) = blue, blue copper, black, black copper, including above listed birds for sale (expecting this generation hen to lay darker eggs)
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    Aug 2, 2017
    Any frizzle or Mille Fleur d'Uccles left?

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