Seabrights Breeding Question.

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  1. I have a seabright male... Standard in my opinion because he is a normal size. I did not buy him, he was one of those free chicks they give away when you make a purchase.. any hoo... I went on craigs list and found some seabrights in a local area... What luck, so I went to see them and they were half the size, the parents were smaller than my seabright so I take it they are bantams...

    So what happens when you breed a Standard Male to a bantam female? they would still be seabrights...
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    I doubt you have a Sebright. That breed does not come in large "standard" size, its standard IS bantam. Sebrights are a true bantam breed and are not a bred down version of a large fowl.
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    What color is the tail on the standard size bird?
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    Sebrights are a true bantam breed, they have no standard counterparts. They are also hen feathered. They should be about the size of OEGB, and both the males and females very cocky in stance.
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    Quote:That is a Silver Spangled Hamburg, not a Sebright.
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    Yep no doubt!!
  7. Wow... I guess a picture is worth a thousand words... My bad... sorry... The comb looks the same, the color... I thought it was a seabright.
  8. Thanks everyone, I have updated my site...

    again... sorry i confused the Silver Spangled Hamburg with a sebright... good thing I bought a trio of sebrights from the guy... at least now I can keep them together and not cross them with the Silver Spangled Hamburg.

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