Sebastopol Goslings For Sale Taking Orders for spring hatch.


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Feb 4, 2008
Archie, MO
PLEASE Do Not Click Buy It Now But Contact Me If Your Wanting To Purchase!!!
Pics below are of one of our flocks. We have 4 flocks that we get our eggs/goslings from.
Pen 1 has a white gander and 1 gray female, so will get grays, splashes & whites from that pen.
Pen 2 & 3 have all whites.
Pen 4 is the geese you see below, 1 Lavender, and 1 white male in with 1 dark gray female, and 3 white females. One of the white females has the saddle back gene and has a couple of dark feathers on her back... We are taking orders for goslings that will be hatching out within the next few months. I do sex my goslings and will sell sexed pairs for $85... or unsexed goslings for $50 each. Shipping is $50 within the lower 48 US states. Minumum order is 2 for shipping...
All these birds are from Holderread lines and most are show Qaulity. Thanks, Kristina 816-293-5155
Harrisonville, MO email: [email protected]


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Would you sell 2 girls and 1 boy and how much shipped to ga - 30108. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
Shipping anywhere in the lower 48 is $50... I can do a sexed pair for $85, (which is cheaper than anyone else for 2 goslings), and a unsexed gosling for $50... If I sold sexed females individually I would end up with a lot of boys since they hatch out 50/50.... That is why most breeders do not sex them at all... My unsexed goslings are truly blindly chosen, and in fact I just tell one of my kids to get a baby for me and they just grab one and hand it to me... So I do not even pick which baby is leaving... Each gosling has two bands on it's leg... If you get a pink band you have a girl and a blue one is a boy, the second band is what pen they are from... orange is pen 1, black is pen 2, white is pen 3, yellow is pen 4... The only thing that would change my mind is if I had a lot of females hatch out in a hatch but usually it is 50/50... Thanks

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