Sebastopol Goslings..UPDATED


11 Years
May 19, 2008
Munfordville, Kentucky
These are white, blue eyed,curly breasted geese with curly, twirly feathers hanging to the ground. I have stock out of both Kentucky and Tennessee show lines. They are considered to be quite intelligent and are very responsive, gentle geese.

UPDATE: I'm now down to about 10 or so eggs in the there won't be too many more pairs available.The girls have stopped laying for the season. Get them before it's too late!! !! I will sell the remaining geese for $80 a pair until all are sold and all eggs hatched. I need the room for all the ducks, turkeys and guineas that are hatching. I currently have 3 pairs available.

Pick up shipping. Babies are hatching like crazy!!

Feather People Farm

Munfordville, Kentucky

I don't get a lot of time on the computer, so calling is best. Please check Yahoo Maps or Map Quest before you call so you know the distance you will be dealing with.

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