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    Feb 24, 2016
    Mendota il
    Hey Everyone,
    I have some sebastopols that are a few months old.
    Both of them are almost completely feathered out (a little baby fluff here and there),by all in they seem to be practically adults. The only I presume to be the female is pretty smooth looking all over and the male has slight twisting in some of his saddle feathers. Does the windblown look come in more over time or is it possible that mine just are not going to be super curly. I will try to upload some photos of them soon.
    Even if they don't get super curly and wind-blown looking I wont mind. I have had them for a day and they already follow me. Over all they are very sweet birds so far.
    Any answers on care or the feathering issue would be great!
    Thank you!!!!

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