Sebright Feathering?4 week old Pics Added


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Jun 11, 2008
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I know that sebright roos have hen feathers, so at a young age it's hard to tell males from females. Does anyone know if female sebrights feather in faster than the males? I have a 2 week old silver sebright, and it's feathering in faster than all of my other chicks in the brooder.

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The only way I could tell is how red the comb and wattles were getting. The males' wattles will be red after 4-6 weeks. The best way to tell is by posting pics so we can tell you
That was quick! lol As of now, it don't see it getting any bigger or any pink in it so it looks like a pullet for now. Maybe post some pics in a few weeks again and then we'll no for sure. Just an FYI though, I had some golden sebrights and one of the roos was slower growing than the others.
I was sitting at my 'puter, and she's in the next room.
She's definitely feathering out quickly! I have 2 silkies that are the same age in with her that aren't feathering that fast. Her comb is really tiny and looks dark right now, like it's just oart of her beak. I'll post pics in a couple of weeks so you can see the progress. Thanks for your help!! It would be cool if our lone sebright turns out to be a pullet.

She's a spaz, but we love her!! We're getting another one in a couple weeks. Poor baby is missing a wing, and we love little lost souls here
. We'll take this baby in and give in a comfy, loving home.


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