Sellers selling ee's as Amercaunas

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Ticks me off. No offense but I understand hatcheries add to the confusion. But when people selling them you try to educate them and they refuse to educate themselves. A seller on eBay the picture is clearly Easter eggers. I pointed it out politely and get a nasty response of go read my books. Umm hello... Green legs. Most people want to learn but wow. I try to avoid eggs off eBay but can't help looking just to look. You can dig up her auction on a search and see what I mean.
If this is the right one this is what they said on one of their sales pages:

* Since the Araucana breed that had all the most desirable traits ended up having almost 100% mortality rate, the breeders bred the "Easter Egg Chickens" with them to strengthen the breed and called them "Ameraucanas". We used to raise Araucanas and really appreciate how much more hardy this new breed is and they still carry the most desirable traits. Sometimes the offspring on all Ameraucanas will have a beige egg layer. We had a couple and thought they were really cool but one of our customers (new to ebay) had a fit and complained that they were not "Ameraucanas" (they certainly were).
We have since culled those chickens from our breeding flock but we never terminate a healthy chicken. If you would like an order of these pretty beige eggs that are 100% pure bred Ameraucana, we will sell them to you for HALF PRICE!
Just send us an email and we will set it up for you.
I looked it up and I thought they were crazy! Looking at the eggs in the picture, you got a mix of greens and blues so no, they are NOT Ameraucanas.

And NO, they are not Ameraucanas by color either.

And it is bad ad to state someone pitched a royal fit that these were not Ameraucanas.
I'm so tired of the EE/Americana fight. I just call mine EE no matter how pure Aracuna they are. Its just not worth the fight. When I saw my first ones some 40 plus years ago they looked like Ees and were called aracunas,they layed several colors of aggs and some had feathered legs some not.
The only difference that really stands out is the "ear tuff " as opposed to the "ear muff". rumpless is found in bothe varietys,as well as several leg colors.
Regardless of what they are they are my favorite breed which I have had for yaers. People need to get over the classification and just enjoy a unique breed. I would like to see them classfied as just one breed,with the omly separation being colors,and then have "both" solids and multipile colors allowed.
Go get you some and enjoy a great breed!
I hate this fuss...

The way I understand the history is the breeding club took a breed that was already known an made rules about what they thought it should look like an has spent years trying to force those that have the original to go by a different name..... What they say is what it should look like, my understanding does not breed true anyway so by definition is not a breed but a vereation of the larger breed.
What doesn't breed true? Ameraucanas do breed true, that's what makes them ameraucanas.

@lilchick: EE is not a 'short' for ameraucana. An EE is a bird that is a mix of ameraucana and araucana; araucana and 'some other' breed; or ameraucana and 'some other breed'. In other words, EE's are mixed-breeds.
Hah! Wow! Clearly the "Araucanas" being bred earlier were not done so very correctly either. If anyone received 100% mortality rate from breeding proper Araucanas, we wouldn't have esteemed and successful people like Steve Waters, Ann Charles, and Ann Cushing!

I find it sad when people try and put a story on their lies of a sales just to make it seem more real, and they don't even bother researching! I once saw someone on here argue to an Ameraucana breeder, 5 years history, that she was wrong, and that they had true Ameraucanas, not Easter Eggers. . . . Their birds were brown and black with green legs. I know EE's can be hard to tell apart from Ameraucanas, and I know it can be confusing to see the Australian Araucana and think those are what Araucanas in the US are, thus EE's are Araucanas, but come'on! Does it hurt to do some research?

Not intending to offend anyone.
Dont know, dont care. Just what I was told by breeders.


These are the only breeds that I know off that the breeders have nothing better to do than put down each others breeding stock.

Its not good for the breeds, an its not good for livestock breeders as a whole.

If what you have is the better stock then fine, people will figure it out.

If you sell RIRs you sell them on the quality of your birds. You don't sell them by attacking the quality of your competitors.

If you breed for this, this, an this trait then sell them on it an why, but don't go over an point to thing you think are wrong with your competitors birds. It makes everyone look bad but it really makes you look bad
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