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prices can vary depending on your local area or what a particular customer wants to pay; for instance here on long island where poultry is not only few and far between nowadays even out right demonized in many neighborhoods(especially if youre tryin to make an extra buck breeding requiring a rooster) around the holidays turkeys will sell out at 5-7bucks a pound live weight as an intended thanksgiving feast fresh as-it-should-be; this is in stark contrast to the bb whites mass produced and sold in supermarkets all over the nation that consumers usually only pay around 25-35 bucks for commonly; most folks here because of the rarity of them would pay up to 50 for a full size heavy-breed tom(for breeding) and poults seem to start at 15each; 20-25 for older poults;fertile eggs tend to range from 45-70bucks a dozen depending on breed; however the farmer who REALLY wants to get rid of an unwanted tom turkey(perhaps its additional surplus or a nasty menace to pepole or other birds or just too old and takin up feed and space)will let it go for 20-25 or even free when desprate; but always consider enjoying your harvest that cost you time and money to produce before you decide to sell;
Well said, the unicorn.

THe prime market for turkey is coming up. Is it your plan to sell these right now for someone else to finish?? Do you have the ability to have these butchered and wrapped to sell to a customer?? Mostly folks that will pay the $6 a pound also want it already for the oven, they are not the ones wililng or able to butcher it.

Definitely keep your costs in mind. I will put a bird in my own freezer before I sell it for less than cost.

Have you looked at CL for prices in your area?? Auctions are often not the best prices but sometimes they are the best prices. I sell my toms for $50.

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