selling chickens


Sep 4, 2021
i have quite a few birds right now i’m looking into selling.. any ideas how? i would do craigslist but my family isn’t comfortable with people coming here and i’d rather not do chicken swaps. i feel something online would be easiest but i can’t ship these birdies.
You can always meet people if you're not comfortable with people coming to your house. I got two chickens in a parking lot once haha. Honestly those were some of my first chickens and I wouldnt do it again. If I'm buying chickens from someone online I want to see where they're coming from. I hear Facebook marketplace is good for selling things
Do you have any place that does chicken auctions around there?
A couple of our livestock auction places do them. You don't get to set a price but you just drop them off and you're done. No one comes to your place and you don't have to go days, weeks or months trying to sell them.
I like the swaps around here a lot. It’s an easy way for me to get rid of extra cockerels. Last year it was 3 bully hens that went. I sell them cheap and thus leave early. We live in such a rural area, that craigslist covers at least 3 counties, so distances would be an issue, besides which, as you mention, not wanting people to show up here. There is also waiting to see if someone actually shows up, and making other potential buyers wait during that period....A poultry swap eliminates all the above.
Have you visited your local swap(s)? It can be interesting and fun.
We use a livestock auction. There is a commission, but no link between you and buyer. Just Google “livestock auction near me”. When I sell, I make cages out of cut down cardboard boxes and chicken wire, so the chickens can be seen.

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