Selling Quail eggs


11 Years
Feb 7, 2008
Southern Alberta, Canada
This is prob the most question that runs through people's mind and asked on here. I thought to give it a try.
I have a few people asking for prices for Coturnix quail eggs. My answer is 'I haven't set one yet'. What is a good price? I want my monies worth out of the quail with out being to much.
It really does depend on your market area, I can sell them all day long for $3 a dozen but most people I sell them to are buying them to hatch.
you need to figure your cost of fed an care for each bird an egg production a day to be ahead on sales like mine they cost me .09 a day to keep per bird to fed my time to water and clean after them also ranges to .31 an egg...but if done right they will support their own fed bill.
I dont have my quail just yet, but will in a few weeks.. I have visited some local asian restaurants and have orders for eggs @ $0.50/ea (one was willing to pay $1.00/ea but I wouldn't do that to them) and dressed quail @ 6.00/ea.... I also have inquiries about pickled quail eggs too but not sure what to charge for them.. I'm eager to get started.
Bigtdc, if you sell to a restaurant don't you have to have some sort of license and state inspection? Also if you are counting on taking orders for any certain amount how many birds will you be keeping? I would have troubles keeping up with orders as my birds dont lay on a schedule, they lay when they want, I can do everything I can to keep them laying but they will still only lay if they are 100% comfortable and getting enough protein and lighting.

I definitely wouldn't be taking any orders if you dont even have the quail yet, not trying to scare you away but if you do sign an agreement or contract to supply them with a product then you dont meet your end then you could be sued or made to pay another breeder to supply them, contracts are good to protect you and make sure you get paid but you must hold your end of the deal as well.

Good luck with your endeavors and keep us updated as you progress
Thanks for your response.. AFAIK, gamebird's eggs are not regulated around here.. I did look into it. No contracts have been signed yet and they understand that it will likely be March or April until I'm able to sell to them. I was really just asking around to gauge interest when I picked up my order at an asian restaurant a few weeks ago and the owner was very excited about it. It seems, after a few phone calls, that the quail egg market supply around here is non-existent and they look forward to getting some eggs delivered fresh. The whole quail are for their personal consumption, for now. If I sell the dressed quail , I will need to get some paperwork together. As of now I have standing orders for 6 dozen eggs/week and have 25 females and 5 males(all young adults) to be shipped soon.. I hope that's enough to get me started. I'll update when things get going.

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