Selminella and my 3 yr old

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    I have not gotten my chickens yet they are coming in 18 days and i just read something that really scares me. I have a 3 yr old son and i wanted him to be able to touch the chicks not hold them hes to young for that as he could hurt them but it said he should not touch them at all. Now im wondering if i should even get them like 1000$later for coop and things. Can i have the chickens and still keep my son safe. I was going to keep the chicks in a bin with a hardware cloth top. Is it a prob haveing them in the house with my son its not worth my son getting sick please help. What about if i go out to the coop do i have to change my cloths before i go near my son.
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    What exactly did you read? If you don't mind my asking.

    About a hundred small children have handled chickens and eggs at my house over the years, and no one has become sick because of it. I do think it's a pretty good policy to have children and grown-ups wash their hands after handling such things, before they eat or drink, especially. But all-in-all, i don't have any personal experience (or anecdotal for that matter) to think that children and chickens is a dangerous situation.

    That's just me.

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    Thankfully. 99.9% of chicken diseases/parasites and human diseases/parasites don't cross, not colds or even lice! The biggest worries with children are scratches from claws or a beak to the eye. Always wash hands after touching anything chicken. works for everyone. [​IMG]
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