"Senior" Roo just got demoted


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Lennon, Michigan
Today, the handsome young fella with all the pretty girls got the snot beat out of him by his hatchling brother, the wussy little splash roo. Apparently he's not that much of a wuss anymore. Floyd, the splash roo was strutting all over the yard this morning with his confused flock of girls while Hot Stuff hid under the steps all day. They had gotten along well until yesterday. Hot Stuff would take his girls downstairs in the chicken tractor and Floyd kept his pitiful girls upstairs in the coop.

We got Hot Stuff out from the steps after dark and brought him in for chicken medical evaluation. His hackles were stiff with blood and his comb was all bloody. He was VERY subdued. I got him rinsed off and put neosporin on his comb. I took him in the bathroom and put him in the empty sink. Didn't move a muscle. I used the blow dryer on him, which he really seemed to enjoy, dropping his head so I could get under the hackles dry. He was hungry enough to take a grape from my hand, which he hadn't done for months. Put him in a freshly bedded dog crate with some chick starter and grapes and water. He is settling in now, but I don't quite know what to do about him. He's been a great leader (and has some cute day old babies) and a good roo to the girls, whereas Floyd is clueless, as in completely. Floyd slept in a nest box until he beat up Hot Stuff. Even had eggs under him.

I guess I'll just have to see how this plays out. I'm a little surprised how quickly it turned brutal. Maybe I'm the wuss!
LOL. I'm waiting for that to happen around here.

As it is every morning, Helmet (dom roo) chases around Star (brother) as if to say "I'm the rooster around here."

Lately Star has been staying in the chicken house until he feels Helmet has calmed down.
Awww poor Hot Stuff. Sounds like a separation of boys with their own girls coming.

How many girls do you have? If you can give each 5 - 10 girls of their own and separate them, everyone should be happy.

Just pamper him a little and fix his bruised ego. as long as he has no wounds on his body, you should be fine with the treatment you are providing. Give him some scrambled egg, oatmeal or plain yogurt. Poor guy.
mine were all fighting the other day, all things back to normal, my one cochin bantam got one of his wattles torn off, i hope that doesn't effect his fertility, i heard that could happen
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We've got nine little girls (bantam cochins) and 7 big girls, and the two boys have been happy up until now. They are both bantam cochins, so continue to try the patience of the big girls, who get disgusted and run off with the little roo on their backs paddling like he's riding a scooter. It is hysterical to watch. The little girls just give in, so both boys have been seeing plenty of action.

I think I'll make Hot Stuff some treats as you suggest. He usually misses out on a lot of treats as he is a gentleman and lets the ladies eat first. Floyd, however, is a feathered pig and will walk right through one treat bowl on his way to crowd the girls away from the other one. Some chickens just have no manners! Maybe its the situation like young girls who always like the "bad" boys. Irritates their mama.

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