seperation problems??


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May 23, 2012
ive just read an article today that said about pet duck imprinting and bonding with the owner and that if the owner has to rehome them or whatever they cry for days and get very upset. i hate the thought of this is it true? we are getting our ducklings nxt wk but are off on a family holiday in september, im now really worried that the ducks would be so upset and also on the flip side make it harder for my nana to take care of them while im away!!
we are going into this wanting our ducks for life and as responsible pet owners but i mean what if for some reason we had to rehome them?would we just damage them?i like to know i have every situation covered you see and you can never know whats round the corner.
any advice?
This is most common in singleton ducks or geese imprinted on one human. Ducks in a group/flock situation generally don't imprint as strongly on their caretaker. They should be fine. I reread yor post and am confident that 4 month old ducks will have no problems whatsoever. Enjoy your vacation.

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thank goodness for that i was fretting about it slightly now i know my nana can enjoy the ducks while im away sunning myself.

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