Serama chicks - smallest breed in the world!

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    I have a few flocks of the small sized Seramas (A and small B as well as Tribbles). I have chicks available in silkied and smooth in all colors and patterns as well as exchequer (Blk & White) and duckwing exchequer, calicos, wheaton, partridge, black, white with patches of color, pencilled and lots of mottled. Chicks are just hatched to 8 weeks old. They need to be 10 weeks old to ship. Shipping in the USA available.

    Tribbles are the smallest of the small and typically silkied so they look like round cotton balls with legs and are adorable!
    IMG_20170312_212057.jpg IMG_20170125_114000203_HDR.jpg IMG_20170302_232230.jpg IMG_20170120_195750.jpg IMG_20170218_212049.jpg IMG_20170302_235433.jpg IMG_20170125_114000203_HDR.jpg IMG_20170302_232230.jpg IMG_20170120_195750.jpg IMG_20170326_180032.jpg IMG_20170417_195735.jpg IMG_20170409_211811.jpg IMG_20170415_221625.jpg IMG_20170314_163617417.jpg
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    They are adorable. I had a teeny but it passed when was only 3 weeks old it's name was marshmallow cuz when I got it was about size of roasting marshmallow and snow white....They are so sweet and tiny.

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