Serama chicks with new down color

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  1. Hi! I've been hatching these for a while now --- wheaten barred roo over wheaten hens.
    The chicks have consistantly hatched brown / tan and grow into wheaten, barred wheaten or brown red.
    These two white chicks are different from anything I've seen from my Serama before.
    Are they just very light wheaten or is it a new color popping out?
    Any ideas?

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  2. Princess Amri

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    No idea. Cute babies though!
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    i read somewhere that serama genetics are sooo crazy two matings of the same bird would give you different results so that might be it they're prob like easter egger chicks very unpredictable!!!!
  4. Hi Kooshie! Thanks.
    Hi Tyler! That is likely the case.

    I'm curious if the down color is an indicator to what color they might be --- I don't know anything about how the wheaten color works (could it be darker or very light) and the cross has always before made predictable (bly) colored chicks.
    I was really curious if wheaten could hatch with white down or white striped down.
    I guess time will tell [​IMG]
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    Of the seramas I've hatched, yellow down indicates a *white base color* with an overlay of other colors that shows up later on - all my wheaten chicks have always had at least a reddish or even a light peachish tint to their down color.
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    Lisa i no your asking about seramas but i think they are kind of the same color genetic wise i think correct me if i am wrong but i had a silkie EE cross that looked like your chick w/ the line down its back and then i had one that looked like you darker chicks and some of them look like buff brahma chicks but i dont think you have any wheatons but you might with one 2nd from the far left

    here is the EE that is darker

    this lil guy had a line down its back he is a silkie EE cross

    like i said these are EE's but i think (i might be wrong) seramas are bantam EE's genetic i tryed to give you some possible out comes keep us posted!!
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    If your want birds that are purebred for wheaten, only breed the birds that have the down color like the chicks on the left part off the screen. The white chicks. They appear to be silver wheaten to me. I have hatched a number of my rhode island silver and they look like the chicks. Light sussex and delaware look like your white chicks.The other chicks carry wild type or brown eb at the E locus and are most likely gold.

    In the adult males you will not know if they are eb ( brown ), wild type or wheaten because they all look alike. You will have to mark the males as chicks to know that they are wheaten

    I am assuming no white birds are involved in the crossings.

  8. Hi!
    No whites at all --- chicks are from this barred boy
    paired with 2 of his daughters (daughters are from him and the hen on the left).
    The daughters are (I thought) wheaten and barred wheaten.

    Is what I've been calling wheaten really gold?
    I'm not a fan of tan/brown/gold/buff birds, so I'm kind of ignorant about that.

    The yellow/gold chick toward the right grows into what I thought was wheaten.
    I'll get new pics later today and maybe you can help straighten me out on colors.
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    ur birds look crele to me. u can mate the same birds and get total differnt colors at any time. there is 2500+ colors for seramas that's what is so awesome about them, ya never know what color will hatch from them and the colors r not suppost to breed true. however when i raised them our extended blacks always bred true never through anything else so there is exceptions to every rule.

    in oegb a bbr crossed barred makes a crele if that helps. ur birds r very lovely and a rare harder to find color to see enjoyed seeing them.
    thanks for shareing,

    as an added thought i think ur pure yellow chick maybe bbr. that is what color mine hatched out and ended up. yellow with spots i think is exchanteur color which is white w/black if i remember right. here is some pics to help too.

    this was one of my yellow chicks as he grew.



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    As Tim said, the white chick appears to be silver (S) wheaten (eWh), the yellow chick would be (gold) wheaten, possibly with other genes, the brown chick with dorsal stripes looks duckwing (e+), the brown chicks look brown (eb), the white chick with stripes looks het wheaten & duckwing (eWh/e+) & silver.
    The male is probably het silver/gold (S/s+)

    Gold is a non mutation colour i.e. it is present in what is considered to be wild type. Chickens tend to be gold by default unless otherwise stated.

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